As proud supporters of recycling, AI Australia were overjoyed to work with the world leader in the field of reverse vending with their Return and Earn container deposit scheme in NSW. The start-up initiative involves placing kiosks around the state so the consumer can earn 10 cents per bottle or can when placed in the collection kiosks. Since starting the operation in November 2017, this recycle company has placed over 50 collection kiosks across the state. The initiative has been received with incredible popularity and success, collecting over 100,000,000 cans and bottles.
As a fast-growing established global organisation, the company faced challenges with having no visibility and reporting on how their calls were being answered and managed. Supervisors had no control over the management of the call centre and needed to respond quickly to changes in the business. They wanted a rapid stand-up solution using seamless and simple tech that plugged into existing platforms they were already using, such as Skype for Business. After seeing a demonstration of the CC4Skype product at Microsoft, they loved the product’s power, ease of use, price and integration with Skype for Business. A ‘try before your buy’ one-month free trial reduced the risk of going down the yellow brick road of disappointment. CC4Skype was selected as the most cost effective solution with an implementation time of just three days with no downtime to agents.
With important clients like grocery heavyweights Coles and Woollies, this reverse vending machine company needed tech that just worked – with calls answered in appropriate time frames and no calls falling in the cracks. The product was a winning solution for the company that the team loved, that rocked all management issues, and resulted in Service Level Management and Customer Satisfaction aces.


This was the first installation of the product in Australia. AI Australia collaborated closely with the client and CC4Skype throughout the implementation. The client was involved in scoping the call centre configuration as well as system change management. The Training and Customisation package for the call centre was delivered to the client by AI Australia with incredible support from CC4Skype. Our experience in Office 365 systems, Call Centre Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, made us the obvious choice for CC4Skype. The client had challenging time constraints, and the trial cut through procurement red tape to show immediate proof of value.


CC4Skype operates seamlessly with Skype for Business It is a modernised digital call centre created by CC4Skype, and supported by AI Australia that exceeded expectations. CC4Skype, in its first implementation in Australia, successfully managed the steady flow of calls received by our client and allow their agents to respond within appropriate time frames. What’s next? Our experience in Voice Analytics, Sentiment Analysis and Call Centre analytics will continue providing a steady flow of ROI.


A typical installation of CC4Skype requires careful planning, configuration, load testing, training, and quality control. From start to finish, this project would normally take 6 weeks to discuss and plan the solution with the client. Our keyboard wizards shrunk this timeline to less than two weeks, with a three-day installation window. We rose to the challenge and successfully delivered the first implementation of CC4Skype in Australia.

Immediate Results

An immediate increased in employee productivity, organised call management, and how bout that Skype for Business integration – goodbye to the old, hello to the modern workplace with AI Australia.