At AI Australia, we hold the future in our hands. Machine learning methods are now our reality – one we can apply to any business to transform the day-to-day operations and use of resources. We worked with a large financial institution with worldwide locations. They needed a solution to manage the thousands of reports and queries received with Oracle Business Object SAP. The client wanted to migrate these reports from Oracle to a Microsoft solution, while also moving the Oracle Solution to a SQL Server solution.


The first step in our approach involved taking the Application Programming Interface (API) from SAP and the API from Microsoft. This allowed us to build an automated solution where we could migrate Oracle to SQL, and Business Objects to Microsoft Reporting Services.

Why Us?

Our expertise of the two platforms with our in-depth knowledge of the REST API makes us the perfect candidates to transform your business with artificial intelligence.


We created a solution using the REST API to access all the metadata of the reports and complex enquiries and compile them into a structured meta database. There we could transform the database into a Microsoft equivalent and use the API to generate reports, based on the metadata from the SAP extraction.


We scheduled for a 12-month project, but using our super SAP Accelerator Tool allowed us to finish 6 months ahead of schedule. The tool we created was licensed for 6 months for one person to migrate the reports with the tool.


By implementing the SAP tool, we were able to program the client’s existing system to kick off multiple threats and migrate hundreds of reports to the new system in one day. Oh, but the best is yet to come. To sweeten the pot, we built the tool to test the reports against each other programmatically – the tool would migrate, translate, and rebuild each report in Microsoft technology, and then it would run the new report and original SAP Business Object report simultaneously and compare the results. If the tool detected discrepancies, these would be flagged and entered into the backlog of manual reports for review, allowing us to see what went wrong and improve the product. The root of most of these issues was an error in translation from Oracle to SQL, which were fixed and thrown back into the system to be tested again.

Immediate Benefits

With the human workforce alone, it would have taken years to migrate the thousands of reports, with only one report translated every two days. Our solution exterminated this unnecessary delay, giving our client the power of time and ability to make the most of their resources and staff.