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Local Health districts have the autonomy to use the reporting tool they wish. When they have a state-wide license for a specific tool, they tend to use that tool, but once they need to pay for their own license, they rather use a product they like better. The issue is that they don’t have the competency, nor the time to migrate their data from one tool to another one. It would have taken them 6 months or more to create a solution.


The client collaborated with us to give us location of service, permission, and for security reasons, we had to put this tool onsite within their firewalls.
We used an API into Qlik and extract metadata from the Qlik application and QVD, which is a self-serving reporting, and we used an equivalent API from Microsoft to automated the build of a star schema and tabular cube.

Why Us?

We were selected to help with this migration, because we are in 9 out of 20 health districts, providing the same service in a lot of districts. We also have the expertise needed to perform this task and we are preferred supplier with competitive rates, plus we are willing to work in rural areas.


We built a Qlik to Tabular Cubes Conversion Tool that automatically translate the data. It’s a Microsoft .NET tool that use REST API that can translate Qlik into metadata and the REST API from Microsoft can then translate that data into Microsoft equivalent.
This solution can be used by any district that want to move away from their current tool to the new tool.


Faster than lightning!
We were given a month to migrate the data, but only took one day with this conversion tool.


The data was successfully converted in one day.

Immediate Benefits

The client was able to carry on with their business and spend the time developing new reports, giving back the power of time and ability to make the most of their resources and staff.