With the ever-growing need for NSW Health employees to be competent in many areas of IT, its becoming almost impossible to keep them up date with the shift of technology, reporting platforms best practice in governance, DevOpps and PSAF process. Because of this AI HEALTH built localised competency centres with the help of NSW Health across the State so that Local Health Districts, PHN’s and NSW Health could leverage from them.

Competency centres and projects with regional NSW and beyond include:

  • Western NSW LHD
  • Far West NSW LHD
  • Northern Sydney LHD
  • Murrumbidgee LHD
  • Southern NSW LHD
  • Northern NSW LHD
  • Central Coast LHD
  • Mid North Coast LHD
  • Northern Sydney LHD
  • Illawarra LHD
  • Sydney South West LHD
  • Eastern Sydney LHD
  • eHealth Hyperion
  • Ministry of Health
  • eHealth
  • Cerebral Palsy League
  • Sun Doctors Pathology.

Why Healthcare Competency Centres Are Necessary.

Our Competency Centres have been created to optimize scarce IT resources, who have gained in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and are able to serve all health areas including rural areas where there is a lack in expertise.

No need to reinvent the wheel!

Leveraging previous developments, our IT solutions help our customers to successfully adopt new technology while reducing delivery time and cost. Our competency centres are able to leverage, optimize and maximize skilled resources and existing applications.


We fill the gap.

We are able to close the gap between what the business need and what IT can deliver, thanks to the knowledge and expertise gained in previous projects.

Benefits of Competency Centers.

  • Knowledge & expertise
  • Coding standards
  • Standard processes
  • Best practices
  • Reusability
  • Leveragability
  • Competency Gap
  • Efficiency
  • Shorter delivery cycles
  • Centrally available applications
  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Huge Cost Savings