Data, AI and Cloud

Organisations that harness data, cloud, and AI outperform by becoming exponential. Quite unsurprising that data, cloud and AI are the seeds for growing transformation.

The key to true business transformation, or the magic behind it, doesn’t come from any one of these on their own. It comes from the dynamic and fluid intersection of data, cloud and AI.

Data Sources

Think of your modern data estate the same way you would view your modern workforce of Gen X’s and Gen Z’s. Uplifting your data to the Cloud is the first step to modernise your workforce, allowing you to run the latest business applications, machine learning and data management techniques. Knowing which is the best service to match your data source is the next crucial step to modernising the data estate.

Data Management

Azure SQL Database is the cloud answer to managing your operational data, with the ability to achieve infinite scale. It’s built on SQL Server, so your existing applications and skills transfer. And as a managed database service, it can save you time and money in both set-up and administration.

Azure Cosmos DB is a database designed for modern mobile and web applications. It is also a database-as-a-service, fully managed by Microsoft Azure. Azure Cosmos DB delivers consistently fast reads and writes, schema flexibility, and the ability to easily scale a database up and down on demand.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is the golden choice for really big databases. You can scale it up or down at different hours of data if you want. It gives petabyte scalability with massive parallel-processing architecture that enables distributed processing to handle the rigors of modern data realities. It independently scales compute and storage in seconds. SQL Data Warehouse works seamlessly with Power BI, Azure Machine Learning, HDInsight, and Azure Data Factory.

Azure Data Lake offers data management and analytics at scale to customers, composed as three parts: Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Data Lake Analytics, and HD Insight. Together with these products, you can store big data of any size and type, and analyse it with familiar open-source tools – all while getting a leading, enterprise-class SLA.

Common Data Service is the database of choice for Office 365 applications who aren’t ready for Azure but still want to enjoy the benefits of cloud and maintenance free database.

Improve and Transform

Anyone who gets excited over having access to see their data before they know what they want, will love the accessibility. Visualisation and analysis now takes hours not months, and when your data is in the cloud, minutes not months.

With Power BI Premium, you can scale out to more than 500 users cost efficiently.Take the Dashboard in a Day test with us and you will see how to differentiate from your competitors.

Cortana Intelligence

Cortana Intelligence is Microsoft’s fully managed intelligent, big data and advanced analytics offering in the cloud, designed to help you transform your data into intelligent action.

Using Azure Artificial Intelligence services, like Machine Learning and Cognitive Services to extract insights from your data, Cortana Intelligence provides full end to end deployable solutions for fast and flexible deployment, with a simple monthly subscription to reduce time and cost challenges.

Data Security

When it comes to security compliance certifications Azure has more certifications than any other cloud provider e.g. FedRAMP, FERPA, SOC1-3 etc. To realise the benefits of the cloud, you must be willing to entrust your cloud provider with one of your most valuable assets.

Rigorous third-party audits, such as by the British Standards Institute, verify Azure’s adherence to the strict security controls these standards mandate. Uplifting your databases into Azure means tour database queries are automatically audited in Azure Event Logs. Your audit data is available for immediate analysis within a secure Power BI Application.