You Ask, We Execute!

AI Health products and services to predict, automate and delegate.
Our products are pay by the month with minimal upfront risk, and our services cater for anything from proof of concepts to large scale product transformations.

Reports are so yesterday

If talking to your reports sounds better to you than learning another piece of software, make way…

Natural language AI brings Intelligent Question and Answer capabilities to your reports. Further Integration with Windows 10 Cortana makes your reporting experience as simple as “tell me today’s insights”. Our dashboard in a day service will bring to life your data like you’ve never seen.

Health Live

Roll in the white surveillance on your entire health operation.

Our out of the box prediction models run on Office 365 backed by either On Premise or Cloud machine learning platforms. Add the Internet of things and the ROI on real time predictions starts to smash records by reducing expensive inefficiency and waste. It’s too good to be true so what are you waiting for ?

Intelligent AI Call flow systems

With only a few cents per message or call, imagine how exponential you could be.

Try out AI Call flow system for a week. You’ll need a warm blanket and box of popcorn while you watch your business run on intelligent multi-channel text and voice flows. Start with a simple AI answering service to take messages then forward messages, book appointments or write to your CRM. Get your efficiencies then add value, adding voice sentiment, detecting who is calling and injecting their recent call history to the conversations, adding your call logs to machine learning models to better improve service.

Computer Vision

Arguably one of the most sexy movements in artificial intelligence is how artificial eyes can produce real data to help improve your business planning and predictions.

Our foot traffic analyser collects real time traffic in your shop front, visitor lounge. We can measure gender, age, unique visitors, measure interactions and sentiment and write to real time dashboards. We can even count car park occupancy to associate with your foot traffic and occupancy.

Document intelligence

Deciding where to store your documents is the best decision you’ll ever make. If you have a business that is based on inbound forms, documents or signatures we have AI solutions to rock you into the next week. With AI as your eyes, Intelligent document scanning and scoring provides unlimited efficiencies for resumes, applications, questionnaires and contracts. Our solutions run within Office 365, a secure and intelligent eco-system for all your back office intelligence.

Email Intelligence

Over 269 billion emails are captured every day. Our employee employment dashboards give your entire organisation an efficiency rating through intelligence of your email and appointment efficiency.

Geotagging and Video Indexing

Increase your transparency and catapult your efficiency by making your photos and videos work for you. We geotag your photos and videos, adding artificial intelligence to analyse and score. Projects running late ? We match geotagged photos to your dashboard data bringing new perspectives to time, cost and life. Improve engagement with your corporate videos by quickly and easily extract insights from videos using artificial intelligence. Enhance content discovery experiences such as search results by detecting spoken words, faces, characters, and emotions.

Security threat intelligence

Asia Pacific is one of the hottest targets for cyber security. Mindless volumes of threat detection logs, azure audit log and azure active directory data, bring more questions than answers. What is normal or not normal and where are the high risk hotspots? Our security threat intelligence solutions wrap up your entire log eco-system into central analytics and alerting solution.


Humans train machines and machines need ongoing training. Writeback commentary plugs into your Power BI Analytics by capturing user suggestions and comments at the exact point where data is being read. Give your machine learning that edge of awesomeness with commentary from the inventors of Artificial Intelligence – humans !